Dennis, from the east end of London, dreams of becoming a world-renowned premier league football manager. The only thing from stopping Dennis from achieving his goal is he's a pigeon.

Dennis is a die-hard fan of his local struggling premier league side, London United, who's currently in a relegation battle. Having just sacked their manager, they appoint a rookie American-born coach, Sam, who has no experience to take over the realms at this historic club.

This appointment of this rookie coach was the owner's son, and acting CEO, Ned Loodward who is on a quest to sabotage the club because if they get relegated he's allowed to sell the club, in which he already has a host of wealthy buyers lined up.

Dennis, being the die-hard fan he is, is disgusted by this appointment and is not surprised by their poor run in form, so one evening he decides to break into the club's training ground with his degenerate gambling older brother to see the tactics the manager is using.

After seeing the tactics in the manager's office he knows straight away, the rookie manager has no clue what he's doing and is in way over his head. Against his brothers wishes Dennis decides to change the tactics and team line up on the tactics board the day before a game.

The following morning, under increased pressure from the media and fans Sam goes into his office and starts to write his letter of resignation and as he prints it off he notices the tactics board has been changed. With nothing to lose, he deploys Dennis tactics and wins his first game.