London IP Man

Master Leo is a highly qualified Wing Chun instructor and the fight scene and action director-choreographer of the box-office hit ‘Ip Man.’ In 2008 he was invited to China to become the action choreographer for the movie ‘Ip Man’ and later the prequel ‘The Legend is Born Ip Man.’ During that time, he worked closely with some of the most famous martial arts actors and directors including Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen and Yuen Biao. Last year Master Leo was also invited back again for the third chapter of the Ip Man movie franchise (Ip Man: The Finial Fight), acting in the movie and again doing the fight choreography. We get upfront and behind the scenes with the famous Choreographer and follow him for a day in his life and see how he transitions from being on the big screen to working with his students at his Wing Chun classes in Covent Garden.