Guardians: The Rebellion

Guardians: The Rebellion is the first instalment of a highly explosive Fantasy novel about a noble family of warriors that are sworn to protect a nation called Novum Mundum. Novum Mundum is a prosperous nation, but for reasons not known to many is under constant attack by demons, mythical beasts and other nations looking for something special in this sacred land.

Elijah is the ruler of Novum Mundum and the strongest, Guardian in the nation, in which he has taken an oath of blood to protect. His three younger identical brothers (Arashi, Tetzu, and Ren) behind him have taken the same oath to protect this sacred land against the forces of Evil, in this dark time of chaos.

Elijah and his three brothers are the heads of the Novum Mundum Supreme Court Guard, which is an elite fighting force, that serves as the front line of defence for their nation against any external threat, which there is no shortage of.

The story begins just after a great war between the Supreme Court Guard, led by Elijah, against the evil immortal twins Gog and Magog and their immortal demon hoard led by no other than Elijah's younger identical brother, the evil genius, Arashi. Set in a world that predates Adam and Eve, the story follows the rising of four quadruplet princes who are on a quest to become the strongest of Guardians, in the wake of an up and coming war that will determine the fate of their nation and the world. Guardians immerses you in a world of magic, martial arts, demons and mythical beasts, that brings you a story that will make you laugh, cry, keep you in suspense, and on the edge of your seat as you try to guess how the epic story concludes. Guardians is more than just a fantasy novel, it’s a coming of age story, about love and overcoming great odds, when everything is against you.