The Colour of Loyalty

The Colour of Loyalty is an emotionally compelling action drama set in the violent gangland of 1984 South Central Los Angeles. The story is a gritty but ultimately uplifting tale of friendship, love and overcoming the odds.

It’s 1984, and after the death of his mother, 13-year-old Mexican RIKI moves into gangland South Central Los Angeles to live with his aunt EVA. Riki is unexpectedly befriended by a 13-year-old African-American child prodigy, JERMAINE, who is a member of a black gang; the Crips. It is a strange and unwelcomed pairing as the Mexicans and the blacks have been in a constant race war, vying for money, power and respect.

This makes Riki and Jermaine's friendship treacherous and socially unacceptable by either side. Jermaine, being as streetwise as he is academically brilliant, is cautious and careful not to draw attention to their unusual friendship and takes Riki under his wing. Jermaine shows Riki the ropes and how to survive the mean streets of South Central while the two go about in pursuit of mischief and mayhem.