About us

Konnacom Productions is a newly formed independent production company. We are fully committed to what we do and put our hearts into making films that we feel have the capacity to make a difference. We specialize in Dramas that seek to inspire people, to broaden their horizons, and hopefully even teach people something new about themselves and how they see the world.

We are a British production company and are fully dedicated to continuing to grow the impact of British films on a global scale. We work to achieve this through the fusion of compelling story-telling, realistic pacing, and structure, all coming together to create productions that are both moving as well as refreshingly genuine. We achieve this by committing resources towards finding fresh and untapped talent from the wealth of undiscovered British potential out there. We work to foster this talent in order to use it to tell new stories, in ways that they have not been told before. This is by no means an easy feat.

We have had to dedicate countless hours towards casting and workshop sessions in order to uncover actors that we feel have the potential. We open up these workshop/casting sessions for actors to come in and either develop their potential or to showcase their existing skills. Levels of experience range from seasoned professional theatre and screen actors, all the way down to first-time actors that are casting for the very first time. We do this with the hope of uncovering the next big 'British star.' So far, this long and often taxing process has bore fruit, and we have found two actors that we feel have real talent. These two actors – Andre Samson ('Vic') and Jack Warner ('Mr Smith') have featured in our short film production entitled 'Shades.'